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Anti Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Globtier offers outstanding support in meeting your compliance obligations and protecting your business against financial and reputational risk. Payments Compliance comprises of a range of different functions which comprehensively cover sanctions filtering against any list and anti-money laundering, and is deployed on a modular basis to suit each bank’s compliance needs.

All actions taken by Our systems and its users are auditable, providing detailed explanations for positive and negative decisions in order to full satisfy regulatory requirements in the most efficient way.

In a recent survey,* over 50% of people responded that there are many inefficiencies in their payments business or compliance operations. At the same time, nearly 80% felt that Our AML system can help reduce inefficiencies and increase revenue and profitability across all of these areas.

Did you know that Globtier are the pioneers of the application of AML into compliance and the payments life-cycle? We are already leveraging it in our relationships with global and regional banks, helping them move beyond simple automation and dramatically transform the way they operate. By deploying intelligent, future-proofed solutions, banks, financial institutions can address and continue deluge of regulatory and business challenges they are facing with confidence and deliver higher levels customer satisfaction than ever before.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

  • Customer Due Diligence: Ability to capture all mandatory customer and related information
  • Jurisdictions:Ability to capture citizenship and residence information for individuals as well as domicile and market-related information for organizations
  • Identification: Support for user-defined identification requirements based on the individual or organizations
  • Verification: Support for a range of verification options for individuals and organizations
  • Risk Scoring and Classification: User-configurable AML risk scoring and risk classification including facility to allot weightings

Know Your Transactions (KYT)

  • Transaction Monitoring: The Compliance Desk combines rule-based monitoring methods as per government regulations with user profiling techniques in order to detect suspicious activity and potential money laundering across customers, products, accounts and transactions
  • Case Management: Four simple steps to administer alerts (Detect, Investigate, Manage and Report)

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