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Startups Weekly: Squad's screen-shares and Slack's swastika

We’re three weeks into January. We’ve recovered from our CES hangover and, hopefully, from the CES flu. We’ve started writing the correct y

Welcome to the abnormalization of transportation

Bill Goodwin Contributor Share on Twitter Bill Goodwin is the head of legal policy at Airmap. Tyler Finn Contributor Tyler Finn is the policy man

Snap's exec team continues to shrink as more reports of internal drama surface

Days after Snap announced the departure of its CFO, reports have emerged that the company’s HR chief was asked to leave following an internal i

Chris is a gesture-based assistant for your car

CEO Holger Weiss demonstrates Chris, a device that allows you to use simple gestures to interact with your phone while driving. He also discusses

Facebook fears no FTC fine

Reports emerged today that the FTC is considering a fine against Facebook that would be the largest ever from the agency. Even if it were ten tim

Curious 23andMe twin results show why you should take DNA testing with a grain of salt

If you’ve ever enthusiastically sent your spit off in the mail, you were probably anxious for whatever unexpected insights the current crop of

Free to play games rule the entertainment world with $88 billion in revenue

They may be free, but they sure pay. Games with no upfront cost but a plethora of other ways to make money generated a mind-blowing $88 billion i

FanDuel cofounder Tom Griffiths just closed a seed round for his decidedly noncontroversial new startup, Hone

Tom Griffiths has founded four companies, two of which “weren’t much to write home about,” he jokes. The third captured the world’s atten

Wine-by-the-glass subscription service Vinebox raises $5.9 million

One SF startup wants you to get home from a day at work and polish off a bottle of wine by yourself. Vinebox isn’t really trying to get you was

Salesforce is building new tower in Dublin and adding hundreds of jobs

Salesforce put the finishing touches on a tower in San Francisco last year. In October, it announced Salesforce Tower in Atlanta and today it w

Dell XPS 13 review

Dell’s biggest small change yet

PS5 and Xbox 2 set for E3 2020 showdown

That's according to IDC analyst Lewis Ward

How to mod your Game Boy and Game Boy Advance

This is the mod(ern) way

10 ways 5G will change daily life

Get ready for holograms… and plastic phones

Alienware m15 review: Dell’s first thin gaming laptop doesn’t disappoint

The Alienware m15 may be Dell's first light gaming notebook, but it's worth the weight.

Amazon made a vest to keep robots from pummeling humans

Amazon is giving its warehouse workers a Robotic Tech Vest so automated systems know when a human is around.

Teenage Engineering is making modular synths for the masses

Teenage Engineering aims to make modular synths affordable and compact with new Pocket Operators.

Swiss watchmaker's latest jab at the Apple Watch has no hands

H. Moser's latest watch not only pokes fun at the Apple Watch, it doesn't even have any hands -- you have to sound a chime.

Google Maps speed limit signs appear in more US cities

Android users have spotted the feature in NYC, LA and Minnesota.

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